PSU101 POWER SUPPLY power supply

The PSU101 is a universal non-switching, analog power supply. The voltage regulator circuitry is built with discrete components. It is very low noise but still capable to drive complex loads.

The mains transformer has a toroidal core for low radiation and low noise. The housing uses a double frame consisting of an external aluminium shell and an internal stainless steel frame for shielding and safety. The integrated heat-sink is oversized by a decent margin.



There is one IEC type power input with an input voltage selector (nominal 115V or 230V), a power on/off switch and a primary fuse.


There are two output sockets which are wired in parallel. The sockets are made by the Swiss company Fischer and are of a very high quality.
The output voltage can be set to 6V, 7.5V, 9V or 12V. The output current rating goes to 1A. The outputs are short circuit proof.
A green LED indicates the power on condition.


A discrete, non-switching, linear voltage regulator of our own design is used. The voltage regulator circuitry is very low noise but still high speed in order to quickly follow high frequency load fluctuations. The electrolytic capacitors are low ESR types. The toroidal mains transformer ensures low magnetic radiation and low noise operation.

Mechanical Design:
The PSU101 employs a twin metal frame. The inner chassis is made of steel and acts as a very effective shield against electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation. The outer frame is made of massive anodized aluminium for additional shielding, resulting in optimal heat convection and beautiful looks.

Front panel elements:
• One green LED for “power on” indication
• A four position switch for selecting the output voltage
• Two Fischer sockets for power outputs


Back panel elements:
• A primary fuse
• A voltage selector 230V / 115V
• An IEC socket with integrated power switch


Two Fischer brand two pin sockets, wired in parallel. The corresponding Fischer plugs are: S 102 A051-130+ with the E3 102.5/3.5 cable clamp.



Output voltages selectable: 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V
Output current: 0 … 1A in total, the two sockets combined.



Mains Power:
Mains Voltage: 100...120 / 200...240 Volt
Fuse rating: 500 mA slow blow at the 115V setting and 250 mA slow blow at the 230V setting.
Power consumption: 20VA max.



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