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jan. 2018

Interfaces for our D/A Converters

All our D/A Converters, namely DAC1, DAC2, Minerva, DAC202, Medea, Medus, can be equipped with USB/DSD or Ethernet or Firewire interfaces. Such an upgrade can make sense in these cases:


- Interfacing via Firewire becomes difficult because of the need for adapters for Thunderbolt. Although it is still possible, even with Thunderbolt 3, which requires two adapaters from Apple (TB3 to TB2 to Firewire).


- The wish to be able to play back DSD64 or DSD128 files and PCM files at 352.8 kHz or 384 kHz. This can be done via the USB/DSD interface.


- The wish to stream audio directly from NAS or Internet to the D/A Converter. This is possible via the Ethernet interface under control of apps like fidata or mconnectHD or Creation 5 etc.


Get in contact with us if you would like to upgrade your D/A Converter.


mar. 2017

New INT204 Version

The INT204 USB/DSD interface has gotten two revisions:


Rev A: This can be applied to all INT204 units which still use the USB driver version 1.56. After applying the revision the unit supports DSD128 as well as PCM at 352.8 and 384 kHz sampling frequencies. The INT204 unit can be revised at our office.

Units using a higher version USB driver are already revised.


Rev B: This is the latest INT204 version which also offers an IR remote controlled audio volume control. Earlier INT204 units cannot be upgraded to this version.


Coming soon…