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sep. 2015

Streaming from the Internet with the MAN301

Occasionally I get inquiries from MAN301 users about how to play those streaming websites (like Tidal, Spotify, QoBuz etc.) via the MAN301.

This can be easily done via the Airplay feature of the MAN301. With the icon in the lower right corner on the iPad the menu for selecting the Airplay mode is shown.
After selecting the Airplay mode, tell the iPad to play audio to the MAN301. This is done by swiping from the lower edge of the iPad upwards, which opens a menu where the MAN301 device can be selected for Airplay.

Now open the application of the streaming service you like to play and start playing tracks. The tracks now play via the MAN301. The volume can be controlled via the buttons at the iPad.

The Airplay streams in 44.1 kHz /16 Bit format, which is perfect for the streaming sites. The user interfaces of the various streaming sites are maintained with this scheme, which is a very nice feature, considered that the streaming sites keep updating their user interfaces. In addition all streaming sites are supported automatically.

In that manner all audio played on the iPad can be redirected to the MAN301. E.g. you can also play from Youtube or from your local music collection on the iPad.
Of course all Airplay capable devices can use the MAN301 for playback in that manner.

jun. 2014

30th Anniversary Limited Edition MAN301 In Gold

With our 30th year anniversary, which we celebrate this year, we launched a limited edition MAN301DAC Network Player in gold! The model name is MAN301DAC-A and it sports our soon to be released new analog output section with a discrete line driver stage. The ultimate in sonic performance and versatiliy. Read more about the MAN301 here: http://www.weiss.ch/products/man301


Coming soon…