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mar. 2022

The latest DAC501 rave review

Mr Steve Huff recently published his review of the DAC501.



Also watch the video going with it:



feb. 2022

The latest DAC501 / DAC502 software release

The version 2.5.1 software allows the DAC50x units to be used more flexibly. It is now possible to designate both XLR/RCA outputs and the frontpanel JACK output as either driving loudspeakers or headphones. Now it is possible to e.g. connect a headphone amplifier to the XLR outputs and have the headphone signal processing active on that output. 

This led to the implementation of four separate banks of Global Presets. Two banks each for XLR/RCA and JACK outputs and then one each for speaker or headphone mode. Also the Snapshots stored are now accessible across all output modes. This makes it much simpler to set up a library of Snapshots and Global Presets.

feb. 2022

The Klangschloss Exhibition is likely to take place

After 2 years of Corona there seems to be a good chance that the Klangschloss exhibtion in Greifensee / Switzerland is finally going to happen again!


It is going to be packed with interesting exhibits, live music events, headphone demos and workshops. 


Here are a few links:

- Information on the live recording sessions: https://www.klangschloss.ch/liverecordingsessions

- Get an impression on a live test - recording session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2hcpxAdmvs

- Get music files of those test - recording sessions for free: https://www.klangschloss.ch/shop 

- Plus a video of one of the test - recording sessions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1363T0nmfg

- The recording sessions will be published on Vinyl: https://www.klangschloss.ch/product-page/klangschloss-landenberg-sessions


- And finally, get your ticket here: https://www.klangschloss.ch/tickets


More information about our presence at the exhibition will follow.


feb. 2022

DAC501-4ch and DAC502-4ch now available

The "Mark 2" versions of our renowned DAC501 and DAC502 units are now available! All DAC501 / DAC502 are upgradeable. We call them DAC501-4ch and DAC502-4ch. 

There is a white paper on what that is all about here.


dec. 2021

DAC502 awarded

The DAC502 wins What Hi-Fi? 's Sound Image Award for Best DAC/Preamp of the Year over AU$ 2500. "Spectacularly musical, invisible indeed to the music passing through, the DAC502 is both functionally-packed and one of the best DACs we’ve heard." Thank you!

sep. 2021

new weiss facebook page

We have just set up a new Weiss Engineering company facebook page. I invite you to join our community for the latest information, discussions, etc.


jun. 2021

Two new plug-ins for Series 5 units

Recently we released two new plug-ins for the Series 5 units (DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502):

The Loudness Equalizer and the Headphone Equalizer.


The Loudness Equalizer is a premier implementation of a patented design by Mr. Bernhard Schwede. It does not adhere to the commonly used Fletcher-Munson frequency responses but uses a completely new approach with incredible results.


The advanced Headphone Equalizer currently sports the large range of Audeze headphones. Select your Audeze headphone model and enjoy listening with it even more than before.


Download the latest Series 5 software via the web interface. Both plug-ins are free of charge.

Also download the new operating manual for a detailed description.


dec. 2020
jul. 2020

Celine Dion uses ADC2

"I have been using the Weiss ADC2 for many years to track Vocals.
I love this unit, it's incredibly versatile, the meters and ergonomics are excellent.
I like the fact that I can change the input calibration instantly with the turn of a knob.
The ADC2 captures all the subtle details of the performer and the recording chain,
it's transparent with a high-end Weiss finish to the sound.”


Mr. Francois Lalonde

Vocal producer/ Recording and Mix Engineer for Celine Dion.

jul. 2020

DAC502 Review published in Stereophile August 2020

John Atkinson at Stereophile took the time to go through the DAC502' vast amount of features and found a very enjoyable D/A Converter. Read about it in his review in August 2020 Stereophile.

may 2020

Latest DAC502 review published

Read all about the DAC502 here!

may 2020

Saracon update released

Today we put up the latest Saracon version on our Downloads page. 

The main changes are:

- 64 bit version for the latest MacOS (Catalina) as well as for Windows

- for DSD conversion the .dsf file format is now supported. This works in both directions, PCM to DSD and DSD to PCM

- unicode file paths support


Get the Saracon software here.

Note, Saracon needs a Dongle to work. Ask us.

may 2020

Softube EQ1 plugin released!

Today Softube has released the 1:1 plug-in of our legendary EQ1 unit. In addition there is a Console 1 Weiss Channel Strip available.

Read all about it here: EQ1
And here: Console 1
And here: Weiss Complete Collection


We are super happy about those great sounding and extremely versatile implementations by Softube. 

jan. 2020

DAC502 - our awards so far...

Product of the Year Awards!

AudioArt - DAC Products of the Year 2020
SoundStage Pioneering Design Achievement
26th Guangzhou AV fair - Best DAC
MyHiend - Best Innovation Award 
Audiophile/Videophile - Product of the Year
HiFiReview - Product of the Year


dec. 2019

DAC502 - Best D/A Converter

At the GUANGZHOU HIGH END show in China our DAC502 D/A Converter has been awarded as one of the best D/A Converters. We fully agree!

oct. 2019

Ausstellung in Zürich, Freitag - Sonntag, 25. - 27. Oktober

Besuchen Sie uns in Zürich zu unserer parallel zur Highend Swiss in Regensdorf stattfindenden Ausstellung. Wir sind zu Gast bei Michael Reinhard von Soundloft. 


Zu sehen und hören sind:

Alle unsere Weiss Produkte inklusive der Livebox mit Musikvideo Wiedergabe. Unsere DSP Algorithmen auch im Zusammenhang mit Kopfhörern werden wir vorstellen.

Ebenfalls zu hören und sehen sind Anlagen von Soulution, Magico, De Baer und Critical Mass Systems.

Erfrischende Getränke und Snacks werden ebenfalls nicht fehlen.


Vom 25. bis 27. Oktober jeweils von 11 bis 21 Uhr findet der Openhouse-Event in der Soundloft Zürich an der Morgentalstrasse 115 in Zürich-Wollishofen statt.




oct. 2019

Notes on new Mac-OS Catalina and the iPad-OS 13.1.2

The recently released new Apple OS-es have the following consequences with our products:


SARACON: Does not yet work with Catalina, we are working on a 64Bit version of SARACON.


Firewire Driver: Does work with Catalina. Make sure to use the latest driver version as listed on the Downloads page.


MAN301 App on iPadOS 13.1.2: The app crashes when the volume is changed with the fader or when the progress bar is moved or when leaving the large cover art display. The volume can be controlled by tapping on the speaker icons to the left and right of the volume fader. We are working on a solution.


jun. 2019

Roon Ready!

As of today our DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502 units are Roon Ready. 

Roon is a music player with unparalleled features and performance. Read more about Roon here.

The DAC501 / DAC502 are state of the art D/A Converters with built-in DSP functions - many of them have not been seen in any other product.

The DSP501 / DSP502 are similar to the DAC501 / DAC502 but have digital outputs instead of analog outputs.

may 2019

Munich 2019

Visit us in Munich, Atrium 4.2, Room E226


Our schedule for seminars is as given below.


Seminar topics:


Weiss Engineering:
Roon platform, Room Equalizer, creative equalizer, vinyl simulation, constant volume, de-essing, crosstalk cancellation, headphone related signal processing


PSI Audio:
Active loudspeaker design, room modes, active low frequency absorption



mar. 2019

Upcoming Klangschloss

Visit us on March 30 and 31 at the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee (Switzerland). During the two days we will conduct a total of four workshops with the following topics:

- Our DAC50x, DSP50x units in general (features)
- DSP functions in the DAC50x, DSP50x as follows:

  • Room EQ
  • Creative EQ
  • Vinyl simulation
  • Constant volume
  • De-Essing
  • Crosstalk Cancellation
  • Planned plug-ins, particularly for headphone use

- Roon (features)


The one hour workshops take place:

Saturday 12:30 and 16:30

Sunday: 12:15 and 15:30


Outside of the workshops we are there for answering questions and for demonstrating specific headphone related algorithms at a listening station.


oct. 2018

Upcoming High End Swiss

Besuchen Sie uns in Raum 339 an der kommenden High End Swiss in Regensdorf. Am 27. und 28. Oktober ist es wieder soweit.


In unserem Raum werden wir Vorträge und Audiodemonstrationen zu folgenden Themen halten:


- Digitale Signalverarbeitung in einer Highend Anlage Part I: Vorstellung Raum Equalizer, Equalizer, Vinyl Simulator


- Digitale Signalverarbeitung in einer Highend Anlage Part II: Vorstellung Crosstalk Cancellation, Dynamikreduktion, De-Essing


- Die Zukunft der Lautsprecherboxe


- Raumakustik


- Die Zukunft der Musik-Distribution


An der Türe zu Raum 339 wird das detaillierte Programm angeschlagen sein.


Zur Vorführung gelangen folgende Produkte:
- DAC501 / DAC502 D/A Konverter mit eingebauter Digitaler Signalverarbeitung
- MAN301 Netzwerkspieler
- INT204 USB Interface
- Diverse Lautsprecher



Mehr Informationen zur Messe finden Sie hier.



jun. 2018

Deadmau5 on the Weiss/Softube DS1-MK3 plug-in

"I've been a long time user of the Weiss DS1-MK3, it's been a must-have tool for my mastering process, and to see Softube nail it so well has me over the moon, from the UI familiarity to its epic dynamics shaping abilities, it's just about perfect."

mar. 2018

Upcoming Klangschloss exhibition

On April 14th and 15th the Klangschloss exhibition in Greifensee / Switzerland takes place. 

We will be in room 8 and will demo our Livebox speaker in conjunction with our new D/A Converter (DAC501 / DAC502) and our MAN301 network player. We will stream audio and video content for a great multimedia experience.

The Livebox speaker tries to achieve what a headphone does - a crosstalk cancellation, with an astonishing effect. (Details see the livebox site). So it makes sense to also play a headphone in our room - we will have the Sennheiser HE1 headphone - probably the most expensive headphone currently available.

New this year will be the "KOPF-HÖR-KÜCHE" room where 7 different headphones can be tested. The audio source for all headphones will be the same, our MAN301 network player.

I am looking forward to welcome you in our room!

jan. 2018

DAC501 / DAC502 philosophy

With the DAC50x unit we introduce a new paradigm for D/A converters. The trend for high-end HiFi systems goes toward simpler setups. As simple as e.g. a D/A Converter plus a pair of active speakers.

Audio is streamed from a NAS and/or Internet to the D/A Converter and then conveyed to the speaker. A very short and simple signal path.


In addition the audiophile community starts to recognize that a transparent audio chain is not what we would like to have (yes, really!). We would like to have good sound on any speaker in any room.

A bold requirement which often calls for signal processing like room equalization, tone control, loudness control etc. Thus it makes sense to have various signal processing tasks done in the D/A Converter. This is where the DAC50x comes in handy. The DSP chip in the DAC50x takes care of tasks like:

- volume control

- room equalization

- creative equalization (tone control)

- vinyl sound emulation

- crosstalk cancellation for a live-like playback

- de-essing (remove sharp sibilances)

- constant volume keeping

- loudness control


Plus more in the pipeline, downloadable to the DAC50x unit. This makes the DAC50x the ideal unit for current and future audio setups.


jan. 2018


Currently we are evaluating a new method for loudness control. Back in the old days of HiFi, the amplifiers usually had a switch or knob to control the "loudness". This means at low listening levels the low and high audio frequencies have been boosted to compensate for the human ear's level dependent frequency response.

We plan to implement a new approach to solve this problem, but would like to know what users think of our take on it beforehand.

If you would like to participate we invite you to download the tracks from here:



Each track contains short snippets of A/B/A/B etc. versions. For each track write down whether you prefer A (with loudness compensation applied) or B (no loudness compensation) and let me know your findings. The differences are fairly obvious, i.e. not a "golden ears only" test.

Important to the test is to listen at a moderate level, recommended listening level is around 75dB, i.e. where loudness control makes sense. E.g. a level you may use when listening at night.

Contact for your comments: weiss@weiss.ch

jan. 2018

Fidata streaming app

The IODATA company, manufacturer of the Fidata NAS units, just published their free iOS app which allows to stream files from a NAS (any NAS, not only Fidata) to a renderer unit, like e.g. our DAC501 / DAC502 units or our other D/A Converter units which can be equipped with an Ethernet interface.

Have a look in the app store for fidata music app.


If you got any feedback on the Fidata app let us know, we are in contact with the Fidata people and can suggest enhancements.


jan. 2018

Interfaces for our D/A Converters

All our D/A Converters, namely DAC1, DAC2, Minerva, DAC202, Medea, Medus, can be equipped with USB/DSD or Ethernet or Firewire interfaces. Such an upgrade can make sense in these cases:


- Interfacing via Firewire becomes difficult because of the need for adapters for Thunderbolt. Although it is still possible, even with Thunderbolt 3, which requires two adapaters from Apple (TB3 to TB2 to Firewire).


- The wish to be able to play back DSD64 or DSD128 files and PCM files at 352.8 kHz or 384 kHz. This can be done via the USB/DSD interface.


- The wish to stream audio directly from NAS or Internet to the D/A Converter. This is possible via the Ethernet interface under control of apps like fidata or mconnectHD or Creation 5 etc.


Get in contact with us if you would like to upgrade your D/A Converter.


nov. 2017

New website dedicated to our upcoming product, the Livebox

Many know, some have even heard the prototype - we are designing a large sound bar with built-in crosstalk cancellation. 

A new way to listen to music, with an impression of "being there". 

For more information keep visiting the www.livebox.audio website.


nov. 2017

Our room at the highend exhibition in regensdorf

Our one of a kind room with no visible speakers - but with a great sound due to the crosstalk cancellation based reproduction of live performances. Thank you, Moods Jazz Club, for your binaural streams at www.moods.digital


nov. 2017

Weiss exhibiting at the High-End HiFi show, Regensdorf, Switzerland

Come and see and hear our new DAC501 / DAC502 D/A Converter in action. We will play live music videos on a large screen and have a crosstalk cancellation (XTC) based speaker system. This will generate a "being there" feeling never experienced before (unless being there, yes).

The XTC is generated via the DSP in the DAC501 unit. Other DSP features are a room equalizer, a creative equalizer and a vinyl simulator. 

Don't miss room 343 at the Movenpick Hotel in Regensdorf. Saturday / Sunday November 4. / 5.

More information can be found here: www.highendswiss.de


oct. 2017

Weiss at the AES Convention in New York

Already history - but a very nice one: We demonstrated our LiveBox Crosstalk Cancellation speaker at the AES Convention. Even the super critical pro audio ears appreciated what they heard. To many the sonic sensation was a big surprise. Something one never hears from a standard stereo setup. The Livebox will be soon released in our Highend HiFi product range. 

At the AES Convention there were many exhibits, workshops and papers dealing with 3D audio, binaural audio, ambisonics etc. A clear sign that the audio industry is moving towards immersive audio. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are just around the corner...


sep. 2017

MAN app with iOS 11.0

New MAN app coming soon

The current version of the MAN app (MAN301 remote control) does not work with the latest iOS version (11.0).

In the next few days we will release a new, compatible app.


mar. 2017

DAC501 / DAC502

The DAC501 / DAC502 units are coming - finally


Towards end of next month (April) we will be able to start shipping the long awaited DAC501 and DA502 units.


We have been through a long process of hardware design work and software writing and refinement. In addition the actual manufacturing of the units was delayed due to various circumstances.


I am very grateful to all our customers who showed great patience. You will not be disappointed - the DAC501 / DAC502 is probably one of the most advanced D/A Converters currently on the market. The digital signal processor in the unit allows for audio treatments which give "highend audio playback" a new meaning.


Thank you - yours sincerely

Daniel Weiss

mar. 2017

New INT204 Version

The INT204 USB/DSD interface has gotten two revisions:


Rev A: This can be applied to all INT204 units which still use the USB driver version 1.56. After applying the revision the unit supports DSD128 as well as PCM at 352.8 and 384 kHz sampling frequencies. The INT204 unit can be revised at our office.

Units using a higher version USB driver are already revised.


Rev B: This is the latest INT204 version which also offers an IR remote controlled audio volume control. Earlier INT204 units cannot be upgraded to this version.


sep. 2015

Audio Over Ethernet

I am happy to announce another interface for upgrading our D/A Converter models: An audio over Ethernet card which supports all standard rates up to 192kHz and all the popular audio file formats.

This interface makes your D/A Converter an UPnP / DLNA Renderer unit, which is connected to your LAN via an Ethernet cable. A typical use case looks like this:

- To your network you have connected a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or a computer with audio files shared on the network.
- On the same network there is the D/A Converter with the Ethernet interface.
- An application on your phone or tablet controls the playback of files to the D/A Converter.

The nice thing of such a setup is that it can be controlled from any device and the audio files can reside on any other (or the same) device.
It is also possible to stream the files on the phone or tablet directly to the D/A Converter. This makes it simple to share the D/A Converter amongst several users with their individual playback devices.

The technical details of the Ethernet interface:
- UPnP AV 2.0 / DLNA
- plays and decodes common audio formats from HTTP streams
- resolution up to 32-bit, sampling rate up to 192kHz (DSD in preparation)
- support for gapless playback
- bit-perfect data transmission
- 2-channel asynchronous endpoint with external clocking for jitter-free playback
- Supports these formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC

The Ethernet interface can be built into the Weiss D/A Converters, namely:
DAC202, Medea, Medus, DAC1, DAC2, Minerva.

sep. 2015

Streaming from the Internet with the MAN301

Occasionally I get inquiries from MAN301 users about how to play those streaming websites (like Tidal, Spotify, QoBuz etc.) via the MAN301.

This can be easily done via the Airplay feature of the MAN301. With the icon in the lower right corner on the iPad the menu for selecting the Airplay mode is shown.
After selecting the Airplay mode, tell the iPad to play audio to the MAN301. This is done by swiping from the lower edge of the iPad upwards, which opens a menu where the MAN301 device can be selected for Airplay.

Now open the application of the streaming service you like to play and start playing tracks. The tracks now play via the MAN301. The volume can be controlled via the buttons at the iPad.

The Airplay streams in 44.1 kHz /16 Bit format, which is perfect for the streaming sites. The user interfaces of the various streaming sites are maintained with this scheme, which is a very nice feature, considered that the streaming sites keep updating their user interfaces. In addition all streaming sites are supported automatically.

In that manner all audio played on the iPad can be redirected to the MAN301. E.g. you can also play from Youtube or from your local music collection on the iPad.
Of course all Airplay capable devices can use the MAN301 for playback in that manner.

may 2015

High End Show Munich 2015

Visit us at the upcoming High End Show in Munich! May 14 through May 17.

We will be present in Hall 4 booth E15 together with the Venture speaker company and with our distributor in Germany, WOD Audio, A4 / 1st floor / E109

We will show our entire range of equipment.

See details on the show here:


may 2015

Klangschloss 2015

At this years Klangschloss exhibition we had a very successful presentation of our MAN301 network player in conjunction with QUAD ESL63QA speakers including the dynamic subwoofer option. The sonic performance of this setup is incredible. 


feb. 2015

MEDUS D/A Converter is Product Of The Year

The MEDUS D/A Converter has been given a Product Of the Year award by the HiFi Review Magazine in HongKong. Read about it here:


oct. 2014

Yosemite (OSX 10.10) Compatible Firewire Driver

The new Apple OSX, version 10.10 (Yosemite), requires a new Firewire driver for our Firewire based devices. Get the latest driver from here:


This driver works for OSX 10.8 or higher.

jun. 2014

30th Anniversary Limited Edition MAN301 In Gold

With our 30th year anniversary, which we celebrate this year, we launched a limited edition MAN301DAC Network Player in gold! The model name is MAN301DAC-A and it sports our soon to be released new analog output section with a discrete line driver stage. The ultimate in sonic performance and versatiliy. Read more about the MAN301 here: http://www.weiss.ch/products/man301


jun. 2014


Our SARACON Sampling Rate Converter software got reviewed in TapeOp magazine. SARACON is used by studio people as well as audiophiles alike. It can do PCM and DSD conversion and is viewed as one of the leading sampling rate conversion softwares. 

Read the review here:


may 2014


Between May 30th and June 1st the Newport Beach show (Los Angeles) is once again a magnet for audiophiles. 

See Weiss at the Hilton Hotel / Irvine Ballroom I with Precision Audio Video or at the Atrium Hotel / Room 301 with SimpliFi Audio. 

Details can be found here:




may 2014

High End Show Munich

Visit us at the largest European high-end show in Munich

From May 15 through 18 the Munich show is on again. We are present in two rooms, at WOD Audio (our German distributor) in Atrium 4, 1st floor, room E109 and with the Klangwerk speaker company from Switzerland in Atrium 4, 2nd floor, room F231b.

We celebrate our 30 year anniversary with a surprising "anniversary edition" of one of our products. Don't miss it!

Details can be found here:



apr. 2014


Visit us at the 136th AES Convention in Berlin, booth number 25. The exhibition and convention take place between April 26th and 29th. 
We have a small exhibition space which we will share with the Pinguin company from Hamburg. Both companies celebrate - Weiss its 30 year anniversary and Pinguin 25 years! So our main theme for the booth is to show some of our companies' histories. Join us for a talk about the past and the future....!




apr. 2014

Klangschloss Ausstellung Greifensee

Be­suchen Sie uns vom 12.–13. April an der Klangschloss Ausstellung in Greifensee! Es erwartet Sie eine vielfältige Palette an Musikan­la­gen, Vorträgen und Präsen­ta­tio­nen neuer Tech­nolo­gien. Wir führen Ihnen im Raum Nr. 6 un­seren MAN301 Net­zw­erk­spieler zusammen mit dem MEDUS D/A Wan­dler vor. Als Laut­sprecher ver­wen­den wir die PSI Au­dio A25. In die Wieder­gabekette wer­den wir zu­dem einen Al­go­rith­mus ein­schleifen, der dafür sorgt, dass die Musik­wieder­gabe ein grosses Stück näher an ein Live-Er­leb­nis her­ankommt. Lassen Sie sich überraschen was heute mit einer 2-kanali­gen Wieder­gabe möglich ist!


dec. 2013

International CES in Las Vegas, January 7–10 2014

Visit us at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, suite 34–204 at the Venetian. We will exhibit with the Venture Speakers company, manufacturer of top notch speakers. The new MEDUS D/A Converter, the MAN301 network player, the INT204 USB/DSD Interface and more will be demonstrated.

Coming soon…