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Saracon Sampling Rate Conversion: User Comments


"Saracon is not only the world's best audio sample rate converter (cross
platform!). It's also a great batch renamer, format converter, interleaver, de-interleaver, word length reducer and all-round utility tool!"

Bob Katz, Digital Domain, USA

"Again, many thanks for this great conversion software. We love it! And it is a big help for the SA-CD format."

Gus Skinas, Super Audio Center LLC, USA

"I use the SARACON Mac daily and WOW! It's 16x faster than real time to do conversion with the Mac Quad G5. It is both stunning in mastering workflow and sound quality."

Kent Poon, Design w Sound, Hong Kong

"Saracon is not just the most transparent SRC available, it is also the
one with the most natural dynamics and spatial depth preservation. I
have tried many other software SRCs and none gets even close to Saracon
for quality."

Alvaro Balana, Impact Mastering, Spain

"I am absolutely thrilled at the speed of the new Intel version of Saracon, definitely a must-have tool for me at this point, thanks again for such great piece of software. "

Alvaro Balana, Impact Mastering, Spain

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