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:::::Weiss Engineering News # 20 (01 / 2010)

- New Saracon released - a major upgrade to an already renowned product. Read more here.

- DAC1-MK2 now available with Firewire input. Existing DAC1-MK2 units are upgradeable. Read more here.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 19 (10 / 2009)

Weiss exhibits at the AES Convention in New York, October 9 through 12, 2009

See coverage on Youtube.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 18 (05 / 2009)

Weiss exhibits at the AES Convention in Munich, May 7 through 10, 2009

The following products will be shown:

- For the first time: The functional Powerhouse unit with a stereo convolution reverb application.

- Our range of renowned pro audio products:

DS1-MK3 Compressor / Limiter / De-Esser

EQ1-DYN-LP Parametric Equalizer

DNA1 Denoiser / Declicker

DAC1-MK2 D/A Converter

DAC2 Firewire D/A Converter

ADC2 Firewire A/D Converter

AFI1 24 channel Firewire interface

SFC2 Sampling Rate Converter

SARACON Sampling Rate Converter software

Visit us at booth # 1901!

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 17 (05 / 2008)

Weiss exhibits at the AES Convention in Amsterdam, May 17 through 20, 2008

The following new products will be shown:

- The DAC2 Firewire D/A Converter which includes AES/EBU I/O for bidirectional digital audio transmission via Firewire.

- The AFI1 Firewire Interface with 8 channels of AES/EBU I/O and 16 channels of ADAT I/O.

- The new DS1-MK3 software for our renowned DS1 compressor / deesser. The MK3 sports M/S operation, independent parameter control in channels 1 and 2 and RMS sidechain processing.

- Last but not least, the Powerhouse universal DSP box with our stereo convolution reverb software as the first application to run on the Powerhouse.

Visit us at booth 2213 and talk to the people behind the products: Uli Franke, Rolf Anderegg and Daniel Weiss will be at the booth.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 16 (02 / 2008)

China Suzhou Science & Cultural Arts Centre (SSCAC) Dinner Theatre Dance Drama "Voyages" mastered exclusively with Weiss Engineering products

The Suzhou Science & Cultural Arts Centre (SSCA) becomes the latest platform for international music performances. The Grand Theatre is a 1,200 seat multi-purpose proscenium theatre with 18m x 18m stage. Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble performed for the Grand Opening. The Cineplex houses a 380-seat IMAX Cinema, two 270-seat and four 110- seat cinema halls. The Dinner Theatre is a 500-seat one-stop rendezvous for fine dining and world-class entertainment.

"Voyages" is a dance drama being the core performance of the dinner theatre, it tells the story of a young Chinese girl’s struggle to stardom in New York’s China Town, in the 30s of the last century. The broadway show dance music is a mixture of classical ballet orchestra plus tap, jazz and even rock elements. The stereo CD and live playback 24bit/96kHz 7.1 surround were mastered by Kent Poon (Design w Sound, Hong Kong), using Weiss Engineering products EQ1-MK2 (equalizer) / DS1-MK2 (compressor) and monitoring via Weiss DAC1-MK2.    http://www.sscac.com.cn/flash.asp

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 15 (12 / 2007)

106 Miss World Contestants Sing for The Olympics

As the World counts down to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the official song for the Olympic Torch Relay, now has a version sung in English. The performers are the beauties entered in the upcoming Miss World
Pageant. 106 Miss World Contestants from over 100 countries and regions got into the recording studio November 19, 2007 for the sound track recording and the music video for the torch relay song. The
contestants said they were proud to play a part in the recording of the song and in helping to spread the Olympic spirit. The song is mastered by Kent Poon (Design w Sound, HongKong), composed and produced by Chris Babida. The mastering equipment includes a full set of Weiss EQ1- MK2, DS1-MK2, SFC2, ADC2, DAC1-MK2 and SARACON. Chris Babida studio also becomes the first studio in Asia that owns a full set of Weiss equipment. "The sound is superior to anything I have tried, and I'm glad to have such high quality tools in my studio" says Chris Babida.

The song will be ready for release in early December. It will debut at the final of the 57th Miss World Pageant in Sanya, Hainan province, to an audience of 2 billions viewers worldwide.


:::::Weiss Engineering News # 14 (10 / 2007)

Weiss exhibits at the AES Convention in New York, October 5 through 8, 2007

- The VESTA-24 firewire interface was on show the first time. The VESTA-24 sports 24 channels of I/O, 8 channels on AES/EBU and 16 channels of ADAT.

"W"eiss rocks - with two guests and two weiss staff members at our booth in NY


:::::Weiss Engineering News # 13 (9 / 2007)

Chris Babida purchased Weiss EQ1-MK2 / DS1-Mk2 / SFC2
2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Song “Light The Passion, Share The Dream” composer Chris Babida has recently purchased a whole set of Weiss DSP systems, including the EQ1-MK2,  DS1-MK2 and SFC2 hardware sample rate converter. Chris mentioned “I have video taped Kent Poon's mastering demonstrations where he used the Weiss EQ1-MK2 and DS1-MK2 for future reference usage. M/S EQ is a whole new topic to me. The compression and limiting are both extreme transparent. I'm very impressed with sound quality of this combo and Kent's demonstration."
“The Weiss saved my life yesterday because the "Solo" violin recorded in BJ had a very heavy Air Conditioning Sound! And so I thought I had to re record the violin again, but finally I asked A. Cheung to use the Weiss EQ ...and then Magic....he took out the air condition sound! Just like that? Great! “

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 12 (4 / 2007)

Weiss exhibits at the AES Convention in Vienna, May 5 through 8, 2007

- Weiss shows the "Powerhouse" universal DSP processor box with a convolution reverb application running. The sampled spaces are supplied from the Pinguin HDIR room sampling software.

- The ADC2 A/D Converter is presented with a Firewire interface.

- The DNA1 Denoiser / Declicker / Ambience generator sports a new declicker software for comprehensive declicking tasks.

- The Saracon Sampling Rate Converter software now exhibits many more features.

- Also on show are the EQ1 linear phase and dynamic EQ, the DS1 de-esser / compressor / limiter, the SFC2 Sampling Rate Converter and the DAC1 D/A Converter.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 11 (6 / 2006)

Avatar Studios Chooses Weiss
The ADC2 Becomes the Featured A/D Converter for the Famed Studio

New York (PRWEB) May 24, 2006 -- AVATAR Studios, New York's premier recording facility, announced the purchase of the Weiss Engineering ADC2 as the featured converter for the studio. Avatar Studios is known for making excellent recordings with vintage analog equipment and has a consistent need for a superb A/D converter to support the use of Pro Tools and other digital tools.

The ADC2 from Weiss Engineering features two independent channels at up to 192kHz / 24 Bit, mic preamps, POW-R dithering, digital input, internal / external syncing, digital limiter, calibrated 1dB step analog attenuator and a high resolution bar graph meter.

Avatar Studios spent several months carefully evaluating a number of A/D converters from different manufacturers, finally selecting Weiss.

The ADC2 has already proven popular and has been used on several prominent projects by seasoned engineers and top artists. Engineer James Farber used the unit to mix a solo project by Tim Ries, the saxophonist for the Rolling Stones. Farber paid the unit a compliment by referring to it as "very transparent".

Other projects the ADC2 was used on include a mix session for John Patitucci's solo project by Joe Barbaria, a mix session for live concert performances by Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden by Carl Glanville, and a mix session for Lou Reed by Chris Shaw. It has also been a favorite for engineer Jim Anderson during his mix sessions for Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Patricia Barber, D.D. Jackson and Bebo Valdez.

Roy Hendrickson, Avatar's Chief Engineer states, "ADC2 is the best sounding converter I have had the opportunity to use in mix sessions here at Avatar. The integrated limiter sounds absolutely fantastic!"

Kirk Imamura adds, "The Weiss ADC2 is the critical and important link between the analog expertise Avatar provides and the digital media where the results are stored and edited. As a high-end studio, we need a high-end solution and this unit fits the bill."

Daniel Weiss commented, "I am happy that Avatar have selected the ADC2 for their A/D Conversion duties. I look forward to working closely with Avatar to see how I can provide more value to what they provide with the technology we have."

Weiss Engineering is a manufacturer of professional and high-end consumer digital audio equipment. Products include A/D and D/A converters, Equalizers, Dynamics Processors, Denoiser / Declicker, Sampling Rate Converters, POW-R Dithering.

AVATAR Studios is a 33,000-square-foot multi-room facility on Manhattan's west side dedicated to providing a complete, top-quality audio recording services solution to the music industry. The studio houses four premier recording rooms containing a Neve 8068, SSL-9000J, Neve VRP and a SSL-4000G+. AVATAR"s Pro Tools Editing Suite is designed to accommodate client needs outside of a traditional control room setting. Also, with the recent addition of mastering services, AVATAR can handle every phase of your project, from pre-production, tracking and overdubbing to editing, mixing and final mastering, all within your budget.

Recent projects recorded at AVATAR Studios include works by Eric Clapton, Norah Jones, Franz Ferdinand, Donald Fagen, Muse, The Mars Volta, John Mayer, Peter Cincotti, Dashboard Confessional, Sonny Rollins, Joe Lovano, Roberta Flack and more.

Media Contact:

Tino Passante
Avatar Entertainment Corp.
Tel: 212.765.7500
Fax: 212.765.7450
Web: www.avatarstudios.net

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 10 (11 / 2005)

The SARACON Native Sampling Rate Converter software for Windows® is released
The SARACON comes in two flavours, standard SARACON and SARACON-Light. SARACON is a very flexible sampling rate converter for offline processing. Sampling rates supported are 44.1 kHz up to 384 kHz and DSD. Wordlengths up to 32 Bits fixed point / 64Bits floating point. Various file formats. POW-R dithering included. Up to 6 channels. For more information click here.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 9 (8 / 2005)

The DNA1 Denoiser / Declicker / Decrackler / Ambience Processor unit is now available
The DNA1 is a versatile restoration tool for denoising and declicking but also with a ambience processing tool for the generation and restoration of ambience information. An M/S encoding / decoding matrix allows for stereo width manipulation. For more information click here.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 8 (4 / 2004)

The successor of the ADC1 A/D Converter, the ADC2, is now available
The two channel ADC2 sports sampling rates up to 192kHz and wordlengths up to 24 bits. Mic preamps are a standard feature. Other useful goodies are a digital compressor / limiter, POW-R dithering, external synchronization and a large bar graph meter. The ADC2 can also be used as a digital compressor / POW-R dithering unit with the input signal fed to its AES/EBU input. A Firewire interface is in development. For more information see: http://www.weiss.ch/adc2/adc2.html

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 7(8 / 2003)

Our flagship EQ1 version, the EQ1-DYN-LP is now available
This ultimate mastering EQ contains both the Dynamic and the Linear Phase EQ programs. After power-up of the unit the user can chose between Dynamic (DYN) and Linear Phase (LP) modes. This allows to use a single unit for a wealth of different equalizing tasks. All other EQ1 versions can be user upgraded to the EQ1-DYN-LP.
For more information click here.

:::::Weiss Engineering News # 6 (11/2002)

POW-R dithering now available in three Weiss products:
The DS1-MK2 Dynamics Processor, EQ1-LP Linear Phase Equalizer and EQ1-DYN Dynamic all sport POW-R as a standard feature. Software upgrades are free to current users.

Click here for more information.

::::: Weiss Engineering News # 5 (5/2002)
At the 112th AES Convention in Munich, which takes place from 10.5.2002 through 13.5.2002, Weiss unveils several new products and software versions.

The EQ1-DYN Dynamic Digital Parametric Equalizer. The EQ1-DYN sports a total of seven parametric bands, four of them can be used in the dynamic mode. The dynamic program dependent boost/cut control adds another dimension to equalizing. For example low levels of the bass can be brought up, while leaving the high levels untouched. This allows for much more control over the tonal balance than an ordinary equalizer does. Click here for more information.

The DAC1-MK2 D/A Converter. This is the enhanced version of the well known DAC1. It can work at a sampling rate of up to 192kHz, whereas the DAC1 works up to 96kHz. Both converters are 24 bit designs with extensive jitter reduction and class A output stages. Click here for more information.

The latest software (V1.3) for the DS1-MK2 Dynamics Processor offers an additional peak limiter and a "Parallel Compression Mode" which substantially lowers compression artefacts and thus allows for a higher loudness at less artefacts. Customer feedback on the new Parallel Compression feature has been overwhelming. Click here for more information.

The newly released HYDRA-C is a de-jittering box for AES/EBU signals. It works at signals up to 96kHz (single or double wire scheme) or even up to 192kHz (double wire scheme). The HYDRA-C can effectively de-jitter signals e.g. ahead of the D/A Converter, resulting in an enhanced sonic performance. Click here for more information!

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