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Daniel partnered with Ben Bernfeld from Harmonia Mundi Acustica in Germany. Ben had a CD Mastering Studio at this time and thus was aware of the various needs of Mastering Studios regarding digital audio gear. Ben also organized all international sales activities.

The first products have been interfaces for Sony PCM F1, Sony 1610 / 1630, Mitsubishi, JVC etc. recorders. This was in the days before the AES/EBU interface. During the years more and more processing functions have been added to the bw102 system, as it was called. Modules like Low Cut Filter, DeEmphasis Filter, Level Control, 4 in 2 Mixer, Parametric Equalizer, Dynamics Processor, DeEsser, Sampling Frequency Converter, D/A Converter, A/D Converter, and many more have been developed.

In 1989 the german company "Pinguin" of Ralph Kessler designed a graphical user interface (DOS based) for the whole bw102 unit. The "Penguin" as it is called, allows for full dynamic timecode automation and also brings visual monitoring (spectrum and PPM) to the bw102. Later, the IBIS digital mixing console was introduced. The IBIS also was based on the bw102 modular system. Consoles from 8 to up to 32 channels have been built.

In 1993 we split from Harmonia Mundi Acustica for several reasons. From then on, all activities have been conducted from Weiss Engineering Ltd.

Also in 1993 we introduced the Gambit Series of standalone 19 inch units. The functions so far available in the Gambit Series are: POW-R Redithering, Sampling Frequency Converters, Parametric Equalizer, DeEsser / Compressor, A/D Converter, Jitter Attenuator, 96kHz AES/EBU Interfacing and soon a D/A Converter. In 1995 the first 96kHz sampling frequency capable 102 Series (formerly bw102) modules have been introduced.

In the years to follow, all the important modules of the 102 Series have been developed for 96kHz. As the last one we introduced the 96kHz version of the DeEsser module in 1999.

In 1998 the Gambit Series DS1 DeEsser/Compressor/Limiter was nominated for a "Technical Excellence & Creativity Award" in the Mix Magazine, USA.

In 2001 we entered the High-End HiFi market with a new product line for the audiophile customers. Details see our highend page here.

Today our equipment is recognized as some of the finest available.


Our Team (chronological)

Daniel Weiss, President, graduated in 1979 with a BSEE from the HTL Rapperswil. Joined the Studer Revox company in 1979 as an Electronics Engineer. There he worked on analog anti-aliasing filters, test signal generators, sampling frequency converters and digital audio processing for a two channel DASH recorder. He left Studer in 1984 to start the Weiss Engineering company. In the early days of Weiss Engineering, Daniel Weiss had to do all himself, e.g. hardware design, PCB layout, host and DSP software design, manufacturing, testing etc. Today he is responsible for the hardware design (analog and digital) and all the marketing, PR, sales and administrative aspects of running a company.

Jakob Schiesser, Electronics Technician. Joined Weiss Engineering in November 1987. He is responsible for the mechanical and ergonomical engineering of our equipment (inside and outside), for the largest part of the host software (Rockwell 6501, Motorola 68HC16 , Motorola Coldfire processors), and for the PCB layouts. Jakob is also involved in various organizational activities, e.g. he wrote a parts inventory management program. He is also our Windows Server and network administrator.


Miriam Joos, electronics manufacturing coworker. Miriam takes care of our cable assembly and various other soldering duties.


Marcel Vogt, Electronics Technician. Joined Weiss Engineering in September 1996 as an electronics technician after having spent several years with the renowned FM company, a Swiss amplifier manufacturer. He is responsible for manufacturing management, quality control, final inspection of all equipment leaving the factory and repair service.


Uli Franke, Electronics Engineer, graduated in 2004 from the ETH in Zurich with an MS degree in Electrical Engineering. Uli joined Weiss Engineering in July 2004 and is working in controller software, DSP, PC, MAC and iPad software development.

Rolf Anderegg, Electronics Engineer, graduated in 2004 from the ETH in Zurich with an MS degree in Electrical Engineering. Rolf joined Weiss Engineering in August 2007 and is working in DSP software and PC software development.

Barbara Elsener, Secretary. Barbara joined Weiss Engineering in March 2008 and is doing all shipping duties and some of the administrative work.


Samuel Groner, Electronics Engineer, graduated in 2006 from the ETH in Zurich with an MS degree in computer science and 2010 from the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts) with an MA degree in recording engineering. Samuel joined Weiss Engineering in March 2006 and mainly contributes to analogue hardware design. Besides his engagement at Weiss Engineering he also freelances as classical recording producer/recording engineer.


Joschka Weiss, electronics manufacturing coworker. Joschka joined Weiss Engineering in 2012 and takes care of soldering and assembling our products. He is also working in the testing department.

Claude Gugolz, electronics manufacturing coworker. Claude joined Weiss Engineering in 2012 and takes care of soldering and assembling our products. He also maintains our parts stocking department and manufacturing planning.

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