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EQ1 7-Band Equalizer: User Comments

"The new upgrades to the DS1 and EQ1-LP are remarkable. I think that the double-sampling EQ1-LP is the finest sounding equalizer that has ever been produced, whether analog or digital."
Alan Silverman, Arf! Digital, USA

"My main comment is the sound is very very good, lovely, warm and beautiful, very analog-like. What more could one say?"
Bob Katz, Digital Domain, USA

"The Weiss' EQ1 ergonomics, repeatability, memories, sound, and power are unbeatable."
Bob Katz, Digital Domain, USA

"The EQ1 MK2 is the best sounding Digital EQ I have ever worked with.

It's so clear, naturally detailed and easy to operate - no wonder it is so highly regarded."

 Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer, USA

"I love our Weiss EQ1. This would be my first choice if I had to use only one EQ. And the M/S mode in the new software version is very-very useful."
Chris Hatzistamou, Athens Mastering, Greece

"..it was a delight to hear some digital EQ that actually sounded better than anything we've had before. I've always found that the high end of digital equalizers has never matched the quality of analogue equalizers, but this time the top end was really smooth."
Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, USA, (One to One Magazine)

"The top end just opened up. For the first time I could use digital EQ at high frequencies and get a smooth sound. I even tried 16k and it works. It sounds a lot like the EQP (Pultec analog EQ)."
Eddy Schreyer, Oasis Mastering, USA

"The Weiss Double Sampling EQ is probably the best sounding digital equalizer we have ever heard comparing very favorably with our reference analog equalizer, a compliment in itself. It is sonically very smooth, possesses much 'air', does not sound pinched when the 'Q' is high and is very subtle. A boost or cut of 0.5 dB is clearly audible, something we have never heard in a digital equalizer."
Sony Music, USA

"...Yes, this is one of the few select pieces of kit where after an extended period of use you really feel again and again that it won´t let you down and it +really+ was worth what it set me back.:-) A +really+ nice box indeed. It´s nice to know that there still seems to be a few people around who really cares. My sincere thanx to Daniel Weiss, I really do hope he will sell a bunch of them..."
Goran Finnberg, The Mastering Room AB, Sweden

"Ergonomically speaking, Daniel Weiss's gear is the most ergonomically-conceived, easily used, and physically beautiful rack gear on the planet, period. The physicality of the knobs mimicking analog gear is just perfect. The user interface intuitive and no need for a manual."
Bob Katz, Digital Domain, USA

"This is an email from the engineers at Crystal Mastering to say that we love our new equalizer. The ability to adjust the frequency response of the center and sides is fantastic. The EQ itself also sounds wonderful. Having used analogue EQ for so long, I was truly pleased by what I heard. The only unfortunate aspect of this purchase is that I am under pressure from our chief engineer to purchase more Weiss products. Thanks for such a wonderful toy."
From all at Crystal Mastering, Australia

"Anibal Libenson and myself are please to let you know that we have acquired your EQ1-LP and we believe that this has been the very best purchase in eqs that we have ever done."
Patricio Libenson, Libenson Technical Services, USA

"When asking about my gear, I've actually had people stop me after mentioning the weiss eq and the L2 hardware saying that that's all they need to hear."
Dan Shike, Tone and Volume Mastering, USA

"The first thing you notice is that you can boost or cut in linear phase far more than in minimum phase without the sound getting problematic, edgy or obviously "equalized." This is clearly not attributable to minor differences in curves. The next thing you notice is that linear phase mode sounds warmer. I attribute this perhaps to the loss of apparent transient response that comes from the pre-echo effect. The wider the Q, the less the problem, as the pre-echo gets shorter and shorter. The next thing I notice is that the high pass in linear phase mode is extremely transparent compared with the minimum phase. Part of it may be due to the curve differnces, but you know that you can simulate 24 dB per octave in minimum phase mode by stacking two filters. And even when stacking two filters I find the phase shift in MP mode to be obvious to the ear and affecting more than just the bass. The last thing you notice is that boosting and cutting in LP mode do not move the image forward or backward. You can really warp an image in MP mode, but it stays linear and the depth image remains the same in LP mode."
Bob Katz, Digital Domain, USA

"Wow! It goes without saying that the thing sounds great, but the interface is fantastic! I can tell that it is going to be a real pleasure to work with. I didn't realize how great the ergonomics were. In a funny coincidence I was able to pick up Joe Doherty's DS-1 for a song....I have been dreaming of your stuff for years, and suddenly I am in Weiss heaven!"
Collin Jordan, The Boiler Room, USA

"I agree with Bob regarding LP mode but I found many useful ways to use the DYN Eq where none of the other Eq's can do the trick. It will be great to have time costants but the "auto mode" works fine for me.
Chris Hatzistamou, Athens Mastering, Greece

"The LP is simply unbelievable at how it sounds and what it can do and the Dyna is one of the most useful digital tools on the planet. Nothing does what that puppy can do! Be prepared to buy as once you hear these you will not want to let them go."
Larry DeVivo, Silvertone Mastering, USA

"I'm loving the Linear Phase upgrade. I've really be able to reshape some complicated low end issues with it. One client said, "I don't know what you did to fix it but it's great and I'm not hearing any side effects." Having the linear phase processing in mid/side mode is great as well. You can really get in there and do some surgery! I was telling someone the other day how great the upgradability of your products has been. I bought my EQ1 when it was only 48k capable and wouldn't upsample! Then to upgrade to the DS, MkII, and now linear phase."
Bob Boyd, Ambient Digital, USA



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